The Song That Never Ends

Hi-ho-hi-ho-It’s off to work we go…… the song that’s constantly running in my head. When I’m waking up and prepping for the day. When I am at my desk trying to take my mind off a meeting I just had or even keep my spirits up as I am about to go to a meeting. […]

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Taking A Chance

Good evening! As we all know now (if you read the previous post) I am finding my sway back. Get it? Way, but sway….. Okay, anyway, I am finding my sway back into pursuing and exploring my passions again since I have felt like I have been feeling like I’ve gotten a little lost over […]

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Getting Started

Strength. Courage. Faith. Amity. All walks of life require traits to help you along the way. Not just any traits, but traits that will help you find your way and give you your sway. Sway isn’t about swag or status. It’s a way of life and the way you carry yourself in your walk. Over […]

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